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Dell EMC iDRAC Service Module 3.1 User’s Guide

Installing The iDRAC Service Module on Linux operating system

  1. The available features that can be installed are displayed on the screen. The available options are:
    • [1] Watchdog Instrumentation Service.
    • [2] Lifecycle Log Replication.
    • [3] Operating System Information.
    • [4] iDRAC access via Host OS
      • [a] Access via GUI, WS-man, Redfish, Remote Racadm
      • [b] In-band SNMP Traps
      • [c] Access via SNMP Get
    • [5] iDRAC Hard Reset
    • [6] All features.
  2. To install the required feature, enter the number of the respective feature.
    • NOTE: Separate the number of the features to be installed by a comma.
    • NOTE: To install all the three features select All features option.
  3. If you do not want to continue the installation, enter q to quit.
  • NOTE: After installing different features, you can also modify the same.
  • NOTE: To know if iDRAC Service Module is installed on your Linux operating system, run the command /etc/init.d/dcismeng status. If the iDRAC Service Module is installed and running, the status running is displayed.
  • NOTE: Use the systemctl status dcismeng.service command instead of the init.d command to check if the iDRAC Service Module is installed on RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 or SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 operating system.
  • NOTE:

    You must provide a unique port number between the range 1024 to 65535 if you chose to install iDRAC access via Host OS feature. If you do not provide a port number, port number 1266 or a previously configured port (if any) is assigned by default.

  • NOTE: if OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) is already installed on 1311, the same port could not be utilized for iDRAC Service module.

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