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Dell EMC iDRAC Service Module 3.1 User’s Guide

Using the Power CLI

To install the iDRAC Service Module using Power CLI:
  1. Install the supported PowerCLI of ESXi on the supported Microsoft Windows operating system.
  2. Copy the ISM-Dell-Web-3.1.0-<bldno>.VIB-<version> file to the ESXi host.
  3. Navigate to the bin directory.
  4. Run Connect-VIServer and provide the server and other credentials.
  5. Log on to the ESXi host using supported vSphere CLI of ESXi 6.0 U1, ESXi 6.0 U2 and create a datastore.
  6. Create a folder ISM-Dell-Web-3.1.0-<bldno>.VIB-<version>I on ESXi 6.0 U1, ESXi 6.0 U2 host under /vmfs/volumes/<datastore_name> directory.
  7. Copy the ESXi zip file on ESXi 5.0 U1 host to /vmfs/volumes/<datastore_name>ISM-Dell-Web-3.1.0-<bldno>.VIB-<version>I directory.
  8. Unzip the zip file in the above specified directory.
  9. Run the following command in Power CLI. for ESXi 6.0 Install-VMHostPatch -VMHost <VMHost I.P address> - HostPath /vmfs/volumes/<datastore_name>name>/ISM-Dell-Web-3.1.0-<bldno>.VIB-<version>i/ . for ESXi 6.5 Install-VMHostPatch -VMHost <VMHost I.P address> - HostPath /vmfs/volumes/<datastore_name>name>/ISM-Dell-Web-3.1.0-<bldno>.VIB-<version>i/ .
  10. Run the following command to check if the iDRAC Service Module is installed successfully on the host. esxcli software vib list|grep -i open.
  11. iDRAC Service Module is displayed.
    • NOTE: For more information on Power CLI, see the VMWare official website.

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