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Dell EMC iDRAC Service Module 3.1 User’s Guide

Support for iDRAC URI to get iSM installer

Starting from 14th generation of servers, you can download the iSM web packs by using the following URL: https:// <iDRACIP>/software/ism/package.xml. To download the packages, iSM LC DUP should be uploaded and available in iDRAC. This can also be loaded in iDRAC by enabling the iDRAC LC auto-update.

To download the packages, use the filename present in the xml to append to the URL.



<Image filename="OM-iSM-Dell-Web-LX-3.1.0.tar.gz" id="5DD5A8BA-1958-4673-BE77-40B69680AF5D" skip="false" type="APAC" version="3.1.0"/>

<Image filename="OM-iSM-Dell-Web-LX-3.1.0.tar.gz.sign" id="E166C545-82A9-4D5D-8493-B834850F9C7A" skip="false" type="APAC" version="3.1.0"/>

<Image filename="OM-iSM-Dell-Web-X64-3.1.0.exe" id="5015744F-F938-40A8-B695-5456E9055504" skip="false" type="APAC" version="3.1.0"/>

<Image filename="iDRACSvcMod-3.1.0.appx" id="2457013e-c1b3-44fb-9b84-2cb6fb74c317" skip="false" type="APAC" version="3.1.0"/>

<Image filename="RPM-GPG-KEY-dell" id="0538B4E9-DA4D-402A-9D96-A4A55EE2234C" skip="false" type="APAC" version=""/>

<Image filename="sha256sum" id="06F61B54-58E2-41FB-8CE3-B7137A60E4B7" skip="false" type="APAC" version=""/>


To download Microsoft Windows webpack, access the following URL: https://<iDRACIP>/software/ism/OM-iSM-Dell-Web-X64–3.1.0.exe.

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