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SC5020 and SC5020F Storage System Owner’s Manual

Install the Mezzanine Card

Use this procedure to install a mezzanine card.


  1. Angle the front of the mezzanine card into the slot on the front of the storage controller.
    Figure 1. Install the Mezzanine Card Installing the mezzanine card
    1. Mezzanine card
    2. Screw
    3. Touchpoint (blue dot)
    4. Connector
    5. Release latch
  2. Press down simultaneously on the release latch and the blue dot on the rear of the mezzanine card until the card is secure in the connector.
  3. Insert and tighten the screw that secures the mezzanine card to the storage controller.
  4. Replace riser 1 in the storage controller.
  5. Replace the cover on the storage controller.
  6. Remove the service baffle from the chassis.
    • CAUTION: To prevent a thermal shutdown of the storage system, the storage controller must be installed within three minutes of removing the service baffle.
  7. Install the storage controller in the chassis.
  8. Reconnect the cables to the storage controller.
  9. Clear the storage controller swap status from the Hardware tab in Dell Storage Manager . For instructions, see the Dell Storage Manager Administrator’s Guide .

Next steps

  1. Use Dell Storage Manager to edit the Storage Center settings and set the operation mode of the Storage Center to Production mode.
  2. If you added a mezzanine card to an empty mezzanine card slot, use Dell Storage Manager to configure the new fault domains.
  3. Use Dell Storage Manager to send SupportAssist information to technical support.

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