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Some of our favorite games are MOBA’s (mine is LoL) and as I think about how we are serving the gaming community; I’m reminded that we’re in the midst of an epic match. We are different hero types, navigating multiple lanes to accomplish a common goal (of course there is never any raging…). As we continue to learn and level up on the best ways to serve all gamers, we are proud to announce the launch of Alienware.TV – the convergence of our live, on-demand and social media coverage.

Alienware.TV is where gamers from around the world can engage with Alienware and gaming industry personalities on a new and ever evolving online channel.

 Inside the Alienware TV broadcast studio

Alienware.TV offers all of our live programming with full-channel functionality (chat, emotes, etc.) as well as all social media channels and Arena community forums.  You can also step outside the live flow with full-function VOD content.  Alienware.TV brings everything Alienware together into one place, with no premium-level membership required. Of course, if you want to follow on other platforms, whether Twitch or Twitter, it’ll still be there (it’s your choice). 

Programming is hosted by @AWLenard, @rxysurfchic, @aw_umar & @AW_C1trine, while being produced at the brand new Alienware Broadcast Studio in Austin, Texas. The Alienware Broadcast Studio is a Dolby Technology Demo center featuring the ultimate PC gaming living room setup complete with Dolby Vision TVs (4K OLED) and 7.1 surround sound system, all powered by Alienware gaming systems (of course).

Alienware.TV will be the first of its kind channel with a variety of regular programming, with some specials thrown in for good measure. Programing will include Tech Shop, Alienware Plays, Ladies of Alienware as well as partner spotlights each week. Specials will include Alienware product launches, eSports competitions, live coverage at gaming events, and it will also shine a spotlight on Alienware’s 20-year celebration taking place throughout 2016. 

Initial Alienware.TV program guide:


  • Ladies of Alienware: 2pm – 4pm
  • Alienware Play: 4pm – 8pm


  • Tech Shop: 12pm – 2pm
  • Alienware Plays: 2pm – 4pm
  • Partner Spotlight: 4pm-8pm


  • POD(cast): 4pm – 6pm
  • Alienware Plays: 6pm – 10pm


  • Killer Gaming: 10am – 12pm
  • Community Day: 12pm – 4pm

Complementing the live Alienware.TV programming will be a breadth of video-on-demand content: product walkthroughs, gaming lifestyle pieces, holiday-themed videos, community-curated content and more.

Your Alienware Hosts

@AWLenard @rxysurfchic @aw_umar @AW_C1trine

Alienware Broadcast Studio


If you aren’t a member of Alienware Arena, I encourage you to sign up so you don’t miss anything! Not interested in signing up, that’s cool, follow us @Alienware and your hosts for the latest.

About the Author: Bryan DeZayas

Bryan de Zayas joined Alienware in 2003, after an interview lasting several hours focused on which games he was playing. Today, Bryan oversees the marketing for XPS and Dell Gaming, which includes Alienware, Dell G Series and Esports, globally. Under Bryan's leadership, Alienware established a key inaugural partnership with NBA2K league and the state of the art Alienware Training Facility located in Los Angeles expanding its esports leadership position; while introducing Dell G series products as high performing gaming PCs at an affordable price. In 2015, Bryan created the Alienware Community Engagement organization focused on educating, engaging and entertaining gamers around the world on As an Alienware 'long timer,' Bryan has previously held leadership roles within various areas, including product marketing, market research and marketing communications. Bryan lives in Miami, FL with his wife, two sons, daughter and pet Havanese. Bryan’s love for gaming extends beyond his career, most nights he can be found trying to rank up in his favorite MOBA or playing a few rounds of the latest game with his family.
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