Enterprise Cloud Computing Demands Proven, Scalable, Secure Technology

As enterprise companies look to cloud computing for solutions to their existing complex IT dilemmas it becomes critical for cloud providers to ensure that offerings are hardened and ready to meet the customer’s demands. Many of these companies are already leveraging the significant advantages of virtualization using technology from VMware or Citrix and are now ready to move into private cloud deployments or hybrid options for more advanced enterprises.

As a cloud provider, it is imperative to simplify the process for enterprises by focusing on their existing virtualization or private cloud tools to ensure compatibility and leverage of existing staff with minimal training. Forcing enterprise customers to adopt a complete new set of management tools, processes, and possibly new staff only delays the time to market, increases overall cloud deployment costs, and may lead to a failed roll-out of a quality cloud solution meeting the needs of the customer.

At Dell, we are focused on our customer base and have chosen to offer cloud solutions that enhance and leverage existing customer platforms to ensure high quality cloud roll-outs in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Our vStart offering delivers pre-configured Dell servers with VMware virtualization technology ready for immediate action in the creation of a private cloud or virtualization solution. Our vCloud Datacenter Service offers existing VMware private cloud customers instant access to a hybrid cloud with their existing management tools controlling both their private and hybrid clouds.

In addition to these solutions, Dell provides security to manage your private cloud via Dell SecureWorks which also monitors our vCloud Datacenter Service. For customers looking for technology to adapt existing legacy applications to cloud-based SaaS solutions, Dell offers Dell Boomi, a leader in the Enterprise Application Integration market.  We are also actively working on other cloud solutions that enable enterprise customers to leverage their existing tools and staff to simplify their cloud computing transformation.

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Here is Mathew Lodge, Sr. Director, Cloud Product Marketing at VMware discussing Dell and VMware cloud offerings:

About the Author: Stephen Spector