Improving Business Outcomes with Consumption-Based IT

Amid the fast pace of business, consumption-based IT saves much-needed time and money to hasten and boost business results.

Architecting data center infrastructure requires considerable effort. It must leverage highly skilled resources and accommodate both current and future needs. The rapid scaling and evolution of data center environments make the task even more challenging. It’s akin to hitting an ever-moving target.

Data center infrastructure approvals, planning and deployment also take substantial time and investment. That’s because capital expense (CapEx) budget approval processes are inherently time-intensive and lengthy. Consequently, by the time CapEx approvals happen and deployment is ready, IT needs have often shifted.

These realities impede digital transformations, often hindering competitiveness and business outcomes. That’s why consumption-based IT is such an attractive alternative for many businesses.

Shortening Gaps Means Better Business Results

Green Services and Solutions Colombia, a Dell Technologies business partner, is navigating these challenges with proven results throughout Latin America. Using Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s consumption-based model, Green helps customers shorten gaps in time and adoption. Dell APEX Flex on Demand provides a hybrid cloud, on-premises IT infrastructure solution. Users pay only for the IT capacity used with the ability to scale up or down at any time, on demand. This streamlined, agile IT approach helps deliver higher productivity and reduces costs quickly, boosting business outcomes. It also aligns business and IT needs with implementation timelines because the gap between the two is considerably shorter than in traditional IT adoption.

For one retail customer, Green used Dell APEX Flex on Demand to accelerate digital transformation, producing a significant and measurable impact on business results. By decreasing the data center footprint by 60% and reducing energy consumption, Green helped the retailer realize an overall performance gain of 35%.

“With Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s consumption model, customers can deploy technology solutions right now. Rapid implementation matters because the resulting productivity gains and expense reductions have a big impact on business results. Together with Dell Technologies, we help our customers modernize technology quickly and effectively,” shares Robert Vargas, Business Development Manager, Green.

Reducing Upfront Expenses Frees Up Resources to “Do More Sooner”

Consumption-based IT solutions like Dell APEX Flex on Demand help shift technology spending from CapEx to Operating Expense (OpEx). That allows companies to tap into existing IT budgets, eliminate large upfront spending and spread payments over time based on the actual IT capacity used. By leveraging shorter-term IT budgets, organizations can stretch existing dollars to cover a larger percentage of infrastructure and “do more.”

Moving from a CapEx to an OpEx budget approval process also accelerates the overall IT timeline, from concept to planning to implementation. In other words, customers can “do more sooner” and at a lower upfront cost. In turn, the budget-stretching and faster approval processes greatly accelerate digital projects and the achievement of improved outcomes.

A recent IDC study found Dell APEX Flex on Demand customers lower infrastructure costs by 39% per year. This frees up dollars for other business priorities, eliminating the heavy upfront expense that has traditionally been part of technology upgrades and refreshes. Recently, Green, working together with Dell Technologies, was able to reduce a customer’s annual expense by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Gaining Flexibility for Today and the Future

Dell APEX Flex on Demand means Green’s customers don’t need to grapple with architecting their IT infrastructure. Skilled support at Dell Technologies and Green work to align business needs to IT infrastructure, by translating business requirements into a specific IT architecture. That frees up customer resources to focus on other pressing business priorities.

Most of Green’s customers seek a hybrid multicloud environment. This is known as a “cloud-right” approach, blending the best of cloud and on-premises solutions. This is especially helpful for Green’s public sector customers that must operate within stringent security and policy requirements, but also want the functionality of the cloud. “Using Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s simplified approach brings together what organizations want from the public cloud and what they need to secure their data centers and meet policy requirements. It’s a revolutionary capability in the evolution of the cloud estate,” says Vargas.

In addition, Dell APEX Flex on Demand allows customers to build in flexibility and handle growth surges with additional, at-the-ready IT capacity. While customers can access extra capacity on demand, Dell APEX Flex on Demand also caps monthly billing at 85% usage of total installed capacity.* This offer is unmatched in the industry and provides customers with predictability and cost control while future-proofing their IT.

Consumption-based technology like Dell APEX Flex on Demand is a powerful enabler for companies that want to align the speed of IT and digital initiatives to mirror business needs more closely.

For more information, please contact a Dell Sales representative. You can also learn more about Dell Technologies Flexible Consumption Solutions and read more about the Green case study here.

* Available with Flex on Demand for Storage, Data Protection, and VxRail. Dark sites, non-metered deployments and customers non-compliant with their contract terms are not eligible.

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Jorge Gilchrist

About the Author: Jorge Gilchrist

Jorge Gilchrist is Senior Director for Dell Financial Services, responsible for the End User financing solutions across Latin America. Mr. Gilchrist has 20 years of experience at Dell Financial Services and previously has held a variety of executive positions including Director of Global Financing Services of EMC Latin America, Mexico & Canada. Jorge Gilchrist, a native of Chile, has 31 years’ experience in the IT industry, has and holds a degree in Commercial Engineering from UNAB (Universidad Nacional Andres Bello) in Chile. He also completed a specialization program in Business Strategies from UAI (Universidad Adolfo Ibanez). Before joining Dell, he occupied a variety of sales management positions with IBM and Société Générale Bank.