• Employee Resource Groups

    Our growing force for a better workplace

    • Currently, more than 54,000 unique team members participate in one or more of our 13 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). With 463 chapters in more than 74 countries around the world, these ever-growing groups of team members are recognized both internally and externally for their program and initiative impact.

      • Bringing collective voices together for greater impact

        When we welcome and empower team members to show up at work as their true selves, the results are amazing. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help us create that sense of inclusion for all. Our award-winning ERGs are communities within Dell Technologies in which team members with common interests or backgrounds can come together to connect, learn and develop new skills, and impact the business.

        ERGs focus their annual programming around four key pillars: Community Impact, Business Innovation, Professional Development, and Team Member Experience. Team members who participate in ERGs are encouraged to think outside the box, using their unique expertise and perspectives to enhance the work environment and bring about business impact.

    • Learn more about our progress

    • How we’re creating belonging and opportunity for all

      Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Vanice Hayes share her perspective on how Dell is making progress to reflect the diversity of our world and our customer base in the diversity of our workforce.

    • Be who you are

      Hear from some of our global team members on how we are ensuring Dell Technologies is made up of the most exceptional talent, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or background.