OEM Engineered Solutions: Addressing unique industry needs with turnkey solutions from Dell Technologies OEM customers

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    • Dell Technologies OEM customer solutions enabled to be sold through Dell Technologies sales motions.

    • OEM Engineered Solutions

      Learn more about how our OEM customers are solving unique challenges with their solutions, powered by Dell Technologies. Explore these examples of OEM Engineered Solutions:

    • Tracewell Systems Tactical Solutions

      The Tracewell suite of tactical solutions is powered by Dell Technologies infrastructure and designed to deliver specialty and mission-critical solutions for strange and unusual places.

    • NETSCOUT Solutions

      Accelerate and secure the success of your digital transformation with real-time, pervasive visibility and actionable insights. NETSCOUT Packet Broker and Service Assurance Solutions support organizations looking to address their data center management and evolution needs with scalable, dynamic architectures and pervasive visibility. Certified server and switch configurations from Dell Technologies work seamlessly with NETSCOUT software to enable strategic and turnkey deployment.

    • GeorgeJon eDiscovery Solution Kit

      George Jon delivers a comprehensive technology platform that meets the diverse information management and data review needs of large-scale eDiscovery users worldwide. Dell OEM stacks, built to GJ specs and real-world best practices, deliver standardized platform solutions ("GJ Kits") that are augmented by professional services, including architecture/workflow assessments, 24/7 platform management and hypercare.