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Data Archiving

Streamline Data Archiving with Dell Technologies

While data archiving is an essential information management task, growing volumes of data and increasingly complex regulatory environments have created numerous challenges for IT teams tasked with managing archiving on constrained budgets.

As a leading provider of data protection and enterprise backup solutions, Dell Technologies offers data archiving solutions that streamline management of archiving tasks while minimizing the cost of archive storage and simplifying regulatory compliance.

What are the Challenges of Data Archiving?

As IT teams search for data archiving solutions, the technology they choose must overcome a number of challenges.

Dell Data Archiving Solutions

As a global leader in data protection technology, Dell provides several industry-leading archiving and backup solutions.

Dell Apex Backup Services provide radically simple data protection and retention as-a-Service that simplifies day-to-day data archiving and backup tasks. This Dell solution is 100% SaaS-based – there is no infrastructure to manage – and reduces time to recovery by up to 75%. Through a single console, IT teams have complete visibility and a consistent management experience across endpoints, SaaS applications and hybrid workloads. Dell APEX Backup Services delivers infinite, on-demand scalability and ensures predictable and controllable costs.

  • Dell APEX Backup Services for SaaS apps offers a cost-effective hosted backup solution to ensure that files in SaaS-based apps are seamlessly backed up and quickly restored.
  • Dell APEX Backup Services for Endpoints delivers scalable, cost-effective cloud-based data archiving and protection for laptops, desktops and mobile devices.
  • Dell APEX Backup Services for Hybrid Workloads combines high-performance scalable backup, disaster recovery, long-term retention and data archiving to reduce costs and improve visibility for today’s complex information environments.
Data Storage Services Backup Target
This Dell data archiving solution combines the scalable, agile, on-demand resources of a public cloud solution with the enterprise-class features, control and security of infrastructure located in an on-premises data center. Best-in-class backup storage technology provides a simplified, self-service management experience with as-a-Service consumption and support for all workloads. Offering a cloud-like experience with predictable, easy-to-understand pricing, this Data Storage Services Backup Target lets IT staff increase productivity and focus on more high-value initiatives.

Application Archiving & Retirement Services
Dell Technologies Consulting Services simplify the task of identifying and retiring infrequently used applications. Dell teams help retain and archive data for regulatory compliance and future business needs while dramatically reducing management and maintenance requirements for a rapid return on investment.

Data protection and backup solutions
Dell Technologies delivers cyber recovery, backup, disaster recovery, long-term retention and archiving to help protect all data and applications. Combining software, appliances and archiving solutions, Dell’s data protection portfolio delivers comprehensive, simple and flexible options for protecting and archiving modern workloads across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Dell data protection appliances deliver enterprise performance, efficiency, scale and cloud connectivity to meet data archiving and backup needs for organizations of any size. Dell’s Data Protection Suite provides replication, snapshot, backup and disaster recovery based on the value of data and service levels that are aligned to business objectives.

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Simplify Data Archiving to the Cloud

Dell Technologies Cloud Tier is a best-of-breed technology that enables cost-efficient data archiving to the cloud. Using advanced deduplication technology, Cloud Tier natively tiers data to public, private or hybrid clouds for long-term retention. By sending only unique data to the cloud, Cloud Tier helps to greatly reduce storage footprints as well as the cost of cloud storage and the bandwidth required for data transfer. Cloud Tier offers broad support across backup applications and cloud providers for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Benefits of Dell Data Archiving Technology

Data archiving solutions from Dell Technologies provides significant advantages, enabling organizations to:

  • Reduce storage costs by intelligently moving inactive, unstructured data to less expensive storage and optimizing storage tiers to maximize performance.
  • Reduce eDiscovery costs with self-help tools that enable users to respond to requests quickly and easily without IT intervention.
  • Reduce the size of user mailboxes, improve server performance and minimize risk by eliminating duplicated, scattered PST files that are often the primary source of business data loss and organizational compliance failures.

  • Centralize management, analysis and reporting of data archiving activities.
  • Simplify enforcement of corporate data archiving and retention policies.
  • Minimize backup windows required for data archiving to save time and to reduce the impact on application performance.
  • Improve performance of email systems, SharePoint and other data sources by easily and consistently moving inactive content to archive storage.

Data Archiving FAQs

Data archiving is the task of identifying and moving data that is no longer actively used to a separate storage system for long-term retention. Archived data is typically information that is important to the organization or must be retained for legal reasons or for compliance with regulatory frameworks.

Effective data archiving enables organizations to:

  • Reduce the cost of primary storage by moving data to less expensive, low-performance, high-capacity archive storage media.
  • Reduce the cost of backup and the time required for backup windows by minimizing the volume of data that must be regularly backed up.
  • Improve performance of information systems such as email systems by minimizing the size of PST files.
  • Maintain compliance with a wide variety of regulatory systems.

Both data archiving and data backup are forms of data protection that involve the use of secondary storage on less-expensive storage media, but the two processes have different purposes. Data backup provides copies of active data that can be used to restore information in the event of corruption, loss, theft or compromise. Data archiving is intended for long-term retention of information that is no longer active, but which must be kept for historic, legal or compliance purposes.

Cloud archiving is a storage-as-a-Service solution that enables companies to store data in the cloud for greater convenience, improved reliability and lower cost. With a cloud archive, files are sent to or retrieved from the archive over the web.

Cloud archives offer unlimited scalability with predictable pricing. Archiving files within cloud solutions enables businesses and IT teams to avoid the cost of deploying, managing, maintaining and upgrading storage hardware on-premises. Cloud archiving solutions may offer stronger cybersecurity controls, greater accessibility for users, and easier management features. Cloud archives can also help to simplify legal requests, investigations and compliance requirements.

Video archiving is the practice of storing, managing and preserving video files for later use, historical reference or to comply with regulations. Video archiving solutions must make video files easy to search and retrieve while reducing the cost of storing massive video files. Cloud storage services are an ideal solution for video archiving as they offer immense scalability, lower costs and fast search features.

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