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Industry-Leading Data Recovery Solutions from Dell Technologies

Dell backup and data recovery technologies help to protect data capital from edge to core to cloud. Fast to deploy and easy to use, data recovery solutions centralize and simplify management of data backup and data recovery tasks while improving availability, increasing uptime and avoiding data loss and corruption.

Data recovery solutions include data protection appliances, data protection software and data protection solutions that deliver significant benefits for every IT organization, including:

  • Data backup and data recovery capabilities across all environments with a full continuum of data protection strategies, from replication to snapshot to backup and archive.
  • Centralized management and monitoring of data copies across primary and secondary storage to eliminate data silos while simplifying backup and data recovery operations.
  • Data backup and data recovery for all consumption models – on-premises traditional infrastructure, virtualized environments, as-a-Service and public, private or hybrid clouds.

  • Industry-leading performance that can accelerate backup and data recovery while reducing bandwidth requirements.
  • Flexible solutions that can be mixed and matched for deployment in physical and virtual environments, with cloud-ready capabilities for backup, data recovery, disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud.

Data Recovery Challenges

With Dell enterprise and SMB backup solutions, IT departments can overcome the most difficult obstacles to protecting business-critical data.

A Wide Range of Data Backup and Data Recovery Offers

Data protection offerings include complete data backup and data recovery systems that automate tasks, simplify management, improve availability, increase uptime and mitigate data loss.

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager

Available as software or an integrated appliance, Dell PowerProtect Data Manager provides next-generation data protection, enables faster IT transformation, while giving you the assurance that you can easily safeguard your data's value and start your journey to modern data protection. PowerProtect Data Manager enables you to protect data and deliver governance control for modern multicloud workloads across your evolving physical, virtual and cloud environments. Address ever-changing growth and IT complexity by leveraging Dell’s software-defined data protection platform. With operational simplicity, agility and flexibility at its core, PowerProtect Data Manager enables the protection, management and recovery of your data, empowering you to rapidly evolve to meet future IT demands.

  • Orchestrate protection directly through an intuitive interface and empower data owners to perform self-service backup and restore operations from their native applications
  • Ensure compliance and meet even the strictest of service level objectives
  • Extend optimized protection to the multicloud with backup to cloud, backup in-cloud, long term retention and cloud disaster recovery
  • Increase business security with cyber resilience data protection to rapidly recover from cyber incidents
  • Cloud-based monitoring and analytics with CloudIQ to enable action and speed time to resolution
  • Leverage your existing Dell PowerProtect appliances

Dell Data Protection Suite

Dell Data Protection Suite is a comprehensive solution that adapts to increasingly complex IT environments to deliver security, flexibility and performance no matter where your data resides. This Dell solution facilitates data backup, recovery, protection and compliance across a wide range of applications, databases and cloud platforms. With Dell Data Protection Suite, you can:
  • Protect your data with automated policy management and discovery of Kubernetes containers, databases, VMs and filesystems.
  • Increase flexibility, efficiency and scalability of protection throughout your multicloud infrastructure.
  • Manage data backup and data recovery with a single software suite.
  • Extend data protection to the cloud with backup to cloud, backup in-cloud, long-term retention and cloud disaster recovery technologies.
  • Enjoy flexible and consistent data protection across VMs, cloud-native applications and containers.
  • Ensure business resiliency with the ability to quickly and easily recover from cyber incidents.

Dell PowerProtect Appliances

PowerProtect Appliances meet the needs of any sized organization with target data protection appliances designed for performance, efficiency, scale and compatible with all major backup software applications or all in one integrated data protection appliances complete with software and storage that are easy to deploy and operate.
  • Integrated appliances - Simplify modern data protection with an integrated appliance delivering data protection software and storage for backup, replication, recovery, search, analytics and more. Transform your data protection for the future with DM and DP Series. Easy to configure and manage, these all-in-one appliances help consolidate data protection software and hardware for any size organization.
  • Target appliances - The next generation of Data Domain backup appliances deliver enterprise performance, efficiency and scale. Designed to meet backup, archive, disaster and cyber recovery needs for organizations of all sizes, DD Series easily integrates with Dell and third-party backup software.

Data Protection Solutions

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Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects and isolates critical data to mitigate risk from ransomware and other sophisticated threats. Machine learning technology identifies suspicious activity and accelerates recovery from known good data, allowing normal business operations to resume quickly with confidence. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery promotes cyber resiliency and ensures continuity across on-premises and multiple cloud environments.

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Multicloud Data Protection and Backup solutions

Dell solutions for multicloud environments offer proven multicloud data protection to help rapidly recover from data loss events, unplanned downtime or cyberattacks. From virtual machines and containers to cloud-native applications and SaaS software, Dell multicloud solutions can protect any workload in the cloud.

  • Streamline public protection of data in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other public cloud providers.
  • Protect critical data in the cloud with an off-premises, air-gapped solution with PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS or APEX MultiCloud Data Services.
  • Meet data protection and compliance requirements for containers and cloud-native workloads.
  • Rapidly recover data and applications directly in the cloud with multicloud data protection solutions.
  • Tier aging data automatically to the public cloud to meet compliance requirements, reduce IT costs and minimize on-premises footprints.

VMware Backup and Recovery Solutions

When you’re running VMware workloads in a multicloud environment, managing backup and recovery can be a complex challenge. Dell Technologies simplifies these tasks with proven and modern data protection solutions for VMware. With Dell, you can confidently plan your modern data protection strategies with constant innovation, agile engineering and tight integration with VMware – all at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). As your IT environment evolves, our VMware recovery and backup solutions deliver flexible and consistent protection across VMs, cloud-native containers and hardware stacks.

With Dell Technologies solutions for VMware backup and VMware recovery, you can:

  • Manage VM sprawl and automated data protection.
  • Modernize protection with Transparent Snapshots that simplify VM image backups for near-zero impact to your VMs or VM resources.
  • Maintain governance, compliance and security with Dell data protection for VxRail.
  • Improve ROI and manage Kubernetes data protection from a single management interface.
  • Accelerate IT transformation with VMware backup and integration.
  • Maximize your IT investment with higher levels of performance at lower TCO.

Data Recovery as-a-Service with Dell APEX

Dell APEX offers an end-to-end portfolio of as-a-Service and subscription solutions, delivered wherever applications and data live. Dell APEX Cyber & Data Protection solutions mitigate downtime and safeguard business operations with a range of protection services.

Dell APEX Backup Services mitigate the risk of data loss, streamline regulatory compliance and enhance data visibility. This Dell APEX solution delivers radically simple data protection-as-a-service to simplify day-to-day management of data backup and data recovery tasks. With a 100% SaaS-based solution, Dell APEX Backup Services eliminate infrastructure management and ensure all-in-one secure protection with backup, disaster recovery and long-term retention.

Dell APEX Protection Storage for Public Cloud delivers software-defined data protection storage for public clouds for performance, efficiency and scale. APEX Protection Storage delivers trusted storage in the public cloud for a broad ecosystem of backup and archive applications. With industry leading deduplication, scalability, reliability, performance, and data immutability to ensure reliable recovery, APEX Protection Storage provides the confidence your data is protected and available in public clouds.

Dell APEX Cyber Recovery Services simplify data recovery and increase cyber resilience with a Dell-managed cyber recovery solution. This APEX technology includes hardware, software and services required to protect critical data, conveniently packaged in one subscription. Dell’s as-a-Service solution simplifies recovery while freeing IT from operational burdens. By delivering vault operations as a managed service, Dell increases the ability to recover critical data quickly and resume normal business operations.

Dell APEX Data Storage Services Backup Target offers industry-leading defense against data integrity issues. Providing convenient and transparent backup storage wherever it’s needed, APEX Data Storage Services Backup Target lets you take advantage of fast backups, high compression levels and advanced deduplication while only paying for the storage you need.

Data Recovery FAQs

Data recovery is the process of restoring data from backup after the original data has been lost, corrupted, deleted or otherwise made unavailable.

Disaster recovery is the process of restoring data lost, destroyed or corrupted during a natural disaster, equipment failure or cyberattack. Recovery typically involves restoring data from a backup located in an off-premises location that was unaffected by the disaster.

Data recovery typically involves the restoration of specific data. Disaster recovery usually involves restoring an entire data system after an outage, a cyberattack or natural disaster.

VMware data recovery is the task of restoring data from backups made of virtual machines running VMware software.

Data replication is the practice of storing copies of data on multiple drives or in separate geographic locations to ensure that an accurate copy of the data will be available despite outages, natural disasters, corruption, loss, theft and other threats to data integrity.

Dell Technologies supports backup to disk, backup to tape, backup to cloud, deduplication backup and snapshot-based backup.

Yes. Dell solutions are an ideal choice for Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP backup and recovery.

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