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Enterprise backup solutions

Transforming IT with Enterprise Backup Solutions

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Enterprise backup solutions have become a mission-critical technology as businesses rely more heavily than ever on their IT environments. Superior enterprise backup software and hardware can help transform an organization not only by protecting data from loss, corruption and theft, but by reducing costs, simplifying administration, streamlining compliance and helping enable unlocking of more value from data assets.

To support organizations in their IT transformation, Dell Technologies provides industry-leading data protection technology that includes powerful enterprise backup solutions for businesses in every industry.

The Obstacles that Enterprise Backup Solutions must Overcome

The increasing complexity of IT environments continually creates fresh challenges for enterprises as they seek to protect, backup, recover, replicate and archive data.
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More data to protect
IT trends such as the Internet of Things, the rise of Big Data, the pervasiveness of video and the use of data-intensive applications are generating vast amounts of data that continue to grow exponentially each year.
Increasingly complicated environments
Enterprise backup solutions today must not only protect data that resides on-premises, but data in public, private and hybrid clouds as well.
Higher expectations for performance and compliance
Backup windows are constantly shrinking to minimize the impact on application and system performance. Regulatory environments are continually evolving and placing heavier demands on enterprise backup solutions to comply with stricter regulation.
Fragmented tools
A great number of IT departments are hamstrung in their efforts to simplify data protection by the use of multiple enterprise backup solutions within the organization, often acquired as a result of organic growth or through merger and acquisition.
Cost pressures
Even as the complexity of data protection grows by leaps and bounds, IT organizations are faced with pressure to constrain costs, limit staff resources and to do more with less.

Enterprise Backup Solutions from Dell Technologies

As a global leader in data protection solutions, Dell Technologies offers a wide range of enterprise backup solutions that can secure and protect data no matter where it resides. With many options for backup storage, backup software, integrated appliances and data protection and recovery solutions, Dell makes it easy to implement powerful tools to protect business-critical data, improve uptime and ensure data availability.
Dell data backup solutions for enterprises secure data across edge, core and multi-cloud environments, delivering cyber recovery, enterprise backup, disaster recovery, long-term data archiving and more to protect data and applications effectively. With Dell Technologies enterprise backup tools, you can:

  • Protect workloads in any cloud environment – from virtual machines and containers to cloud-native applications and SaaS.
  • Simplify data protection with solutions designed to streamline operations and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Optimize resilience and create secure infrastructure to ensure your organization can recover from the most devastating cyberattacks.

The Dell Data Protection Portfolio

Enterprise backup and recovery technology from Dell includes a mix of solutions, appliances and software.

Why Choose Dell Enterprise Backup Solutions?

Dell enterprise backup solutions lead the data protection market for a number of very good reasons.

Reduce your Cost-to-Protect with Dell Enterprise Backup Solutions

Dell’s comprehensive backup solutions protect your business from data loss and deliver peace of mind – all at a cost of less than one cent per GB per month.

Solutions for Oracle Backup

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To protect rapidly growing Oracle databases, Dell Technologies offers appliances and software that can dramatically accelerate Oracle backup speeds, lower network bandwidth requirements, minimize CPU utilization and reduce storage footprints.
Dell’s Oracle backup technology delivers a high-performing, self-service protection solution that meet SLO requirements through IT governance and automation. With Oracle backup solutions from Dell, you can:

  • Centrally manage and orchestrate backups for complete control over Oracle backup and disaster recovery operations.
  • Reduce disk space with advanced deduplication.
  • Enable self-service backup and restore operations.
  • Ensure compliance and meet the strictest of service level objectives.
  • Accelerate backups by reducing the amount of disk space required to store Oracle backup data.
  • Reduce network bandwidth requirements by compressing backup data.

Dell SAP Backup Solutions

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Expanding volumes of data in SAP databases have made SAP backups more expensive and time-consuming. Dell Technologies offers powerful data protection solutions that simplify and accelerate SAP backup while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and corporate data retention policies.
Dell Data Protection Suite enables SAP backup, restore and compliance across a wide range of applications, databases and modern cloud platforms. With Dell SAP backup technology, you can:

  • Meet strict protection SLOs.
  • Reduce storage utilization and network bandwidth.
  • Improve deduplication to accelerate SAP backup and reduce primary backup storage costs.
  • Improve recovery speeds significantly over traditional methods.
  • Enable granular recovery by giving DBAs instant access to their SAP backup sets.

Technology for SMB Data Protection

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In addition to enterprise backup and recovery solutions, Dell offers leading technology for SMB data protection. For small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), protecting data has become increasingly complex and costly. SMBs face the same threats and risks as much larger companies, yet they typically have fewer resources and smaller IT teams dedicated to protecting data.
Dell offers market-leading SMB data protection solutions that help to overcome these challenges by reducing the cost of data protection and minimizing administrative burden on IT teams.

  • Appliances. Dell offers SMB backup appliances that are easy to configure and manage, providing a unified user experience with automated discovery and protection of databases, filesystems, VMs and Kubernetes containers. Dell appliances give SMBs purpose-built data protection designed for any workload, delivering backup, replication, recovery, search, analytics and more
  • Software. Dell PowerProtect Data Manager simplifies SMB backup and recovery with flexible, software-defined data protection compliance across applications, modern cloud workloads and cloud-native IT environments.
  • Data Protection-as-a-Service. Dell APEX Backup Services enable IT teams to stop worrying about managing backup and recovery systems. This Dell solution offers a multi-layer defense system of ransomware protection capabilities and eases the burden of a data loss event with effective backup architecture.

Multicloud Data Protection and Backup Solutions

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Dell Technologies’ multicloud data protection solutions help enterprises and SMB companies rapidly recover from data loss events, unplanned downtime or cyberattacks. Dell’s solutions protect any workload in any cloud environment and boosts efficiency and scalability throughout cloud infrastructure while reducing total cost of ownership.
With cloud data backup technology from Dell, you can:

  • Streamline public cloud backup and data protection on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and other providers.
  • Reduce complexity and tool proliferation, build reliable cloud backup processes and improve resource efficiency.
  • Reduce the complexity of protecting containerized workloads and meet compliance requirements for all cloud-native workloads.
  • Protect critical data in an off-premises, air-gapped solution with PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.
  • Shelter data from all threats with cloud disaster recovery solutions.
  • Rapidly recover data and applications directly in the cloud.
  • Manage long-term retention and archiving in the cloud.
  • Tier aging data automatically to the public cloud to meet compliance requirements, minimize on-premises footprint and reduce IT costs.

Enterprise Backup Solutions FAQs

Dell enterprise backup solutions include protection storage, software, integrated appliances and other solutions that enable organizations to protect business-critical data no matter where it lives. Enterprise backup tools from Dell Technologies help to minimize the cost and improve the effectiveness of backup, recovery, archiving and migration capabilities to maximize uptime and minimize data loss and corruption.

Dell enterprise backup solutions can protect everything from laptops and other edge devices to the largest enterprise data center, along with data and applications residing in on-premises infrastructure, and virtualized environments (including VMware backup and recovery) and in public, private and hybrid clouds. Dell technology supports deduplication backup, snapshot-based backup, backup to disk, backup to tape and backup to cloud storage.

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager provides software-defined data protection, automated discovery, deduplication, operational agility, self-service and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments. PowerProtect Data Manager enables you to orchestrate protection directly through an intuitive interface or empower data owners to perform self-service backup and restore operations from their native applications.

Yes. Dell technology can serve backup and recovery solutions for a wide variety of applications and systems, including IBM DB2, SAP, Oracle and SQL backup software.

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