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The Multicloud Challenge

Enterprises moving to the cloud are increasingly taking advantage of public cloud services to increase agility and improve efficiency. Public clouds are readily available and highly scalable. A flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing model for services that lets enterprises shift from capital expense to operational expense.

Yet, managing multiple and often incompatible cloud offerings in a siloed multicloud environment creates significant challenges for IT. Dispersed workloads and data make it hard to mitigate risk, maximize performance and ensure productivity while keeping the lid on costs. To reap the benefits of a multicloud architecture, enterprises must find a more consistent approach to managing cloud infrastructure and operations. That’s where Dell Technologies can help.

Dell APEX: Solutions for a Multicloud World

Dell APEX Cloud Platforms provide integrated infrastructure management that reduces multicloud complexity while strengthening security and governance. APEX is a portfolio of fully integrated, turnkey systems that integrate Dell infrastructure, software and cloud operating stacks to deliver consistent multicloud operations. By extending cloud operating models to on-premises and edge environments, Dell APEX Cloud Platforms bridge the cloud divide by delivering consistent cloud operations everywhere.

With Dell APEX Cloud Platforms, you can:

  • Minimize multicloud costs and complexity in the cloud ecosystem of your choice.
  • Increase application value by accelerating productivity with familiar experiences that enable you to develop anywhere and deploy everywhere.
  • Improve security and governance by enforcing consistent cloud ecosystem management from cloud to edge and enhancing control with layered security.

Scalable and Elastic Multicloud Storage

Dell APEX Storage for Public Cloud offers scalable, elastic, multicloud storage resources that combine the innovative software of Dell’s leading storage products with the scale, economics and services available in the public cloud. This Dell APEX solution delivers unparalleled performance and cyber resiliency for the most demanding workloads with extreme flexibility to meet the needs of shifting business requirements. Simplified management of multicloud storage lets IT team spend more time on innovation and less time on routine tasks.

Dell APEX multicloud storage includes:

Why Manage a Multicloud Environment with Dell?

When you choose Dell APEX to manage your multicloud architecture, you can count on a simplified and consistent approach to your cloud environment that’s tailored for the needs of your organization. Dell provides:

Multicloud FAQs

Multicloud refers to the use of cloud services delivered by more than one vendor. Multicloud environments may comprise two or more public cloud services, or two or more private cloud environments.

While a multicloud architecture comprises multiple public cloud services or multiple private cloud services, a hybrid cloud environment combines different types of cloud deployments such as public, private or on-premises, with tools for integrating and orchestrating the movement of workloads between each. Because each cloud model offers advantages for specific workloads, enterprises frequently adopt a hybrid cloud architecture to improve application efficiency, reduce costs and accommodate technical requirements.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is an IT modMulticloud storage involves the use of services from two or more cloud storage providers. Cloud storage enables organizations to store data and files on servers provisioned and managed by cloud providers rather than drives or media within on-premises data centers.el that provides developers with a cloud-based environment for developing, testing, running and managing applications. PaaS offerings provide best-of-breed tools without requiring capital expense for hardware and software.

When working with multiple cloud platforms, IT teams are inevitably burdened by a level of inconsistency in the processes, tools and skillsets required to manage each cloud. As a result, enterprises experience a loss of productivity and an inability to scale effectively, hindering innovation and increasing operational expenses.

Dell simplifies operations and improves cloud economics by providing a consistent management experience across all clouds. With Dell, organizations can reduce complexity, improve agility, lower operational costs and manage multicloud environments with ease.

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