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Remote Work Solutions

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Remote Work Solutions for IT, User and Business Alignment

At Dell Technologies, we believe innovation begins with people. That’s why we take a human-centric approach to designing intelligent solutions to empower users and IT to work and innovate everywhere. The future of work has evolved, and workers have new expectations for technologies that power their workday, especially when working remotely. Dell Technologies offers an unmatched, comprehensive portfolio of intelligent solutions that delight end-users, simplify IT, and advance sustainability.

Our winning approach is simple: offer a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of products, services, and solutions to power your work.

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Remote Work Solutions – Unified Services Portal

Turn challenges into opportunities. Rain into rainbows. As trite as these old adages might be, you have to admit that they are persistently true. There are so many times that the needs and aims of users, the business and IT appear to be simultaneously and irrevocably in opposition. Then you hit upon the right solution and suddenly everything is in perfect alignment. At Dell Technologies we’ve mastered the art of turning lemons into lemonade. Our winning approach is simple: offer more products, services and experience than just about anyone else. Here are just a few examples of our remote work solutions.

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Remote Work Solutions – Communication and Collaboration

Dell Technologies has the products and expertise to design and implement a unified communication solution that satisfies the demands of users, business and IT. An easily scalable modular system that can replace or integrate with your current email, voicemail, telephony and video conferencing platforms for full convergence. We can help you achieve a cost-effective transformation that brings increased efficiency to IT via a unified interface and keeps your s connected so they can work as a single team in a virtual workspace.

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Remote Work Solutions for Remote Work Challenges

  • Out of scale. With strategic guidance, scalable technologies and hands-on support, we can help you implement remote work solutions that will grow with you.
  • Secure anywhere. Attacks are inevitable today. The most effective endpoint security requires multiple layers of defense – both hardware and software protections. With Dell commercial devices, catch and repel malicious activity before it compromises your system.
  • Help for the help desk. Tap Dell Support Services to keep remote workers productive and to just keep IT workers.
  • Teamwork. We are experts in the Microsoft Office 365 connected ecosystem and can take you from none to done fast.
  • Critical users. Make sure the users who need it most always have the resources they need with virtual desktop infrastructure.
  • Change resistance. Motivate adoption with the latest devices sporting the newest features.
  • Too many clouds. Dell’s multicloud platform is a remote work solution designed to lower costs and simplify the operations of a digital workplace.

Empowering the Remote Employee with Dell Technologies

In today's dynamic work from anywhere environment, supporting remote employees remains crucial. At Dell Technologies, we understand both the technical and human needs of remote workers. Here's how we address the challenges and empower remote work:

Making Working from Home Effective with Dell Technologies

In the evolving landscape of work, the rise of remote employees is undeniable. As more individuals transition to working from home, IT departments face the intricate task of selecting, deploying, and supporting the necessary technologies to keep remote workers efficient. At Dell Technologies, we recognize these challenges and offer solutions tailored to meet the demands of remote work:

Security: We view security as a tool to protect remote worker productivity. Our offerings, such as Dell SafeBIOS, Dell SafeData, and Dell SafeGuard, ensure that remote employees are protected from threats while maintaining their productivity.

Challenges Faced by Remote Workers

  • Connectivity Issues: Remote workers often grapple with unstable internet connections when working from home. Dell Technologies offers robust networking solutions to ensure seamless connectivity.
  • Data Security Concerns: Remote settings can expose sensitive data to threats. Dell's hardware and software security, like Dell SafeBIOS and Dell SafeData, provide robust protection.
  • Access to Resources: Accessing company tools and data remotely can be challenging. Dell's APEX PC-as-a-Service solution ensures centralized access to essential resources.
  • Collaboration Hurdles: Effective team collaboration can be hindered in remote setups. Dell offers tools that facilitate real-time communication and collaboration.
  • Technical Support Delays: Timely technical support is crucial for those working from home. Dell Technologies provides prompt remote support solutions to minimize disruptions.

Remote Work Solutions FAQs

A virtual workspace provides a digital environment where employees can access company resources, collaborate with colleagues, and perform tasks as if they were in a physical office, ensuring seamless productivity.

Remote workers often face challenges such as connectivity issues, data security concerns, access to company resources, collaboration hurdles, and potential delays in technical support.

Businesses must ensure they’re working with secure hardware built by trusted PC manufacturers. In addition, implement advanced security protocols, use VPNs, regularly update software, and provide cybersecurity training to employees to ensure data security in remote work settings.

Essential tools for remote work include communication platforms, collaboration software, cloud storage solutions, task management apps, and secure access systems.

Unified communication solutions integrate various communication channels like email, chat, video conferencing, and voice calls into a single platform, making it easier for remote teams to collaborate and stay connected.

Important considerations include ensuring stable internet connectivity, providing secure access to company resources, selecting appropriate devices and software, and offering continuous technical support.

Businesses can use collaboration tools, schedule regular virtual meetings, set clear communication guidelines, and promote team-building activities to foster collaboration among remote workers.

Remote work offers benefits such as flexibility, reduced commute times, and cost savings for employees, while employers can access a broader talent pool, reduce overhead costs, and increase productivity.

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