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BIOS Wireless Radio Control does not function when an Ethernet connection is established on Precision M4600/M6600

Summary: Steps to resolve an issue where the BIOS cannot override the WLAN radio functionality on M4600/M6600 Precision Mobile Workstations.

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You may notice that enabling the WLAN control option in the BIOS on the M4600/M6600 Precision Mobile Workstations has no effect when a LAN cable is detected. This feature appears under Power Management in the BIOS and is titled Wireless Radio Control.

Setting the option has no effect and a Wireless connection remains active even when a LAN is connected.



WLAN control option in the BIOS on the M4600/M6600 Precision Mobile


The M4600/M6600 system does not support this function. If the User wishes to have this feature enabled, it will have to be accomplished through the device settings.

For Dell Wireless Adapters:
  1. Open the Wireless adapter properties page in Device Manager
  2. Open the Advanced Tab
  3. Enable the option to "Disable on wired connect"

For Intel Wireless Adapters:
  1. Users will need to download and install the latest Intel Proset/Wireless driver from Intel's support website
  2. During installation of Proset, Users will need to choose Custom install and ensure they install the Administrators Toolkit
  3. An application setting will need to be configured to enable "Adapter switching"

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Affected Product

Precision M4600, Precision M6600

Last Published Date

25 Jun 2021



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