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Dell G5 5590: Backlit Keyboard not affected by keyboard hotkeys

Summary: The following article provides information about the backlit keyboard on the Dell G5 5590 notebook not responding to the keyboard hotkeys and recommended troubleshooting if you areSee more

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Table of Contents:

  1. Keyboard backlight hotkeys don't work?
  2. Important information about the keyboard on the G5 5590 notebook
  3. Recommended troubleshooting

Keyboard backlight hotkeys don't work?



(Figure.1 Dell G5 5590 Front View)

Some owners have reported that the keyboard backlight on their Dell G5 5590 notebook doesn’t respond when using the Fn + F10 key keyboard shortcut, or that it takes time to activate the keyboard function keys (hotkeys) after the system starts up.

This article will take you through important information you should know about the backlit keyboards available on the G5 5590 notebook and our recommended troubleshooting to help you identify a keyboard issue.

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Important information about the keyboard on the G5 5590 notebook


There are currently three keyboard options available for the G5 5590 system, knowing which one is in your system can tell you what you can expect it to be capable of:

(Table.1 Keyboard type and function)

Keyboard Type Backlight Function
Standard non-backlit keyboard There is no backlight function
Standard backlit keyboard - Bluelight (Optional) The Fn + F10 key combination works in the BIOS and the Operating System
Four-zone RGB (Red/Green/Blue) backlit keyboard (Optional) Hotkey doesn't work outside of the Operating System and can only be adjusted in the AWCC utility

Expected behaviour for a keyboard backlight on the Dell G5 5590 notebook:

  • If the backlight is ON and we restart or shutdown the system, when it returns the backlight will still be ON as well
  • If the backlight is OFF and we restart or shutdown the system, when it returns the backlight will still be OFF as well
  • The last status of the backlight is kept
  • Once in the Operating System, if you were to try to change the backlight (turn-on/turn-off) status just after the system completes startup, it doesn't work. However, if you wait approximately 1 minute after startup to change the backlight status by using the Fn + F10 keys, then it works as designed. (This is because of the Multiple DELL APP startup type defaults as Automatic (Delay Start).). The AWCC (Alienware Command Center) utility is one of these Dell apps
Note: Pressing the Fn + ESC keys together will deactivate all of the function keys (hotkeys), so no commands using them can be activated, this includes the backlight. Simply press the Fn + ESC keys together again to reactivate the function/hotkeys.
Note: If you need to test the RGB backlight outside of the Operating System you can use the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) BIST (Built-In Self-Test) test. The backlight colors change in the first sequence of the LCD-BIST after the screen goes off and a new sequence of the LCD-BIST starts. The backlight remains in the default state that was set in the system.

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Recommended troubleshooting


If your keyboard is behaving differently from what is described above or you are experiencing a different keyboard fault, Please choose the appropriate troubleshooting article from the following link pages that are most relevant for this system:

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Dell G5 15 5590

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10 Apr 2021



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