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Dell G15 5530 Owner's Manual

System-diagnostic lights

Battery-status light

Indicates the power and battery-charge status.

Solid white — Power adapter is connected and the battery has more than 5 percent charge.

Amber — Computer is running on battery and the battery has less than 5 percent charge.

  • Power adapter is connected, and the battery is fully charged.
  • Computer is running on battery, and the battery has more than 5 percent charge.
  • Computer is in sleep state, hibernation, or turned off.

The battery-status light blinks amber along with beep codes indicating failures.

For example, the battery-status light blinks amber two times followed by a pause, and then blinks white three times followed by a pause. This 2,3 pattern continues until the computer is turned off indicating no memory or RAM is detected.

The following table shows different power and battery-status light patterns and associated problems.

Table 1. System diagnostic lightsThe table describes the system diagnostic lights, with their problem descriptions and suggested solutions.
Blinking pattern Problem description
Amber White
1 1 TPM detection failure
1 2 Unrecoverable SPI Flash Failure
1 3 Short in hinge cable tripped OCP1
1 4 Short in hinge cable tripped OCP2
1 5 EC unable to program i-Fuse
1 6 Generic catch-all for ungraceful EC code flow errors
1 7

Non-RPMC Flash on Boot Guard fused system

2 1 CPU failure
2 2 System board failure (included BIOS corruption or ROM error)
2 3 No memory/RAM detected
2 4 Memory/RAM failure
2 5 Invalid memory installed
2 6 System board/Chipset Error
2 7 LCD failure (SBIOS message)
2 8 LCD failure (EC detection of power rail failure)
3 1 CMOS battery failure
3 2 PCI or Video card/chip failure
3 3 BIOS recovery image not found
3 4 BIOS recovery image found but invalid
3 5 Power rail failure
3 6 Flash corruption detected by SBIOS.
3 7 Timeout waiting on ME to reply to HECI message.
NOTE:Blinking 3-3-3 LEDs on Lock LED (Caps-Lock or Nums-Lock), Power button LED (without Fingerprint reader), and Diagnostic LED indicates failure to provide input during LCD panel test on Dell SupportAssist Pre-boot System Performance Check diagnostics.

Camera status light: Indicates whether the camera is in use.

  • Solid white — Camera is in use.
  • Off — Camera is not in use.

Caps Lock status light: Indicates whether Caps Lock is enabled or disabled.

  • Solid white — Caps Lock enabled.
  • Off — Caps Lock disabled.

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