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NVP-vProxy backup not using hotadd mode with error: Virtual Disk [disk name] does not support HotAdd Mode

Summary: NetWorker VMware Proxy (NVP) VM backups were failing with Virtual Disk [disk name] does not support HotAdd Mode because the disk is an IDE virtual disk. HotAdd mode will not work with an IDE virtual disk, so the backup with fail if NBD transfer mode has not been listed as a fallback transport mode. ...

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  • The vProxy appliance is registered with NetWorker using hotadd only. NBD sessions are set to 0 (disabled).
  • A VM backup fails stating that the Virtual Disk [disk name] does not support HotAdd mode.
  • The VM disk which failed to backup is configured as an IDE disk in VMware. 
  • The vProxy /opt/emc/vproxy/runtime/logs/vbackupd/vbackupd-vddk.log reports:
VDDK: INFO: error Mounting VM using transport hotadd failed : Cannot use hotadd transport to mount Virtual Machines with disks that are not SCSI or SATA (adapter type: ide).
VDDK: INFO error Cannot use mode hotadd to access vCenter_Cannot mount using this method. (Mounting VM [name] using transport hotadd failed : Cannot use hotadd transport to mount Virtual Machines with disks that are not SCSI or SATA (adapter type: ide).)


The HotAdd transport mode does not support IDE disks.


There are two options available.

Option 1:

The preferred transport method is HotAdd. In order to support hot add, change the disk and disk controller type in VMware from IDE to a SCSI disk; This supports hotadd. Engage with your VMware administrator to make these changes.
See VMware KB: This hyperlink is taking you to a website outside of Dell Technologies.

Option 2:

Enable "Fallback to NBD for IDE disk" in the vProxy appliance properties.
1. Log in to the NetWorker Management Console as an Administrator user.
2. Go to Devices->VMware Proxies.
NOTE: For the NetWorker Web User Interface (NWUI) go to Protection->VMware Proxies.

3. Open the vProxy appliance properties.
4. In the Configuration tab, select Yes for Fallback to NBD for IDE disk.


NOTE: This method ensures that NBD is only used for IDE disks. NBD will not be used for backing up other SCSI disks which are HotAdd accessible. If the backup policy used to backup the IDE VM uses "vProxy auto selection", you must apply this setting to any vProxy which might be chosen by the workflow; otherwise, intermittent failure may occur if a vProxy which does not have this setting enabled is picked up. Another method would be to isolate the VMs with IDE disks into a separate group and backup policy. In this new policy use "manual vProxy selection" to select the vProxy which has this setting enabled.

Additional Information

HotAdd requirements and limitations are documented in the NetWorker VMware Integration Guide; available through:

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29 Sep 2023



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