Dell EMC PowerSwitch S4048-ON Installation Guide March 2021


Ground cable

Dell EMC recommends grounding your switch. To attach the ground cable to the chassis, use a single M4x0.7 screw.

The cable itself is not included with the S4048–ON. To properly ground the chassis, Dell EMC recommends using a 6 AWG one-hole lug, #10 hole size, 63" spacing, not included in shipping. The one-hole lug must be a UL recognized, crimp-type lug.
CAUTION: Grounding conductors must be made of copper. Do not use aluminum conductors.
NOTE: The rack installation “ears” are not suitable for grounding.
NOTE: Coat the one-hole lug with an anti-oxidant compound prior to before crimping. Also, bring any unplated mating surfaces to a shiny finish and coat with an anti-oxidant prior to mating. Plated mating surfaces must be clean and free from contamination.

To connect the ground cable to the switch, follow these steps.

  1. Cut the ground cable to the desired length. The cable length must facilitate proper operation of the fault interrupt circuits. Dell EMC recommends using the shortest cable route allowable.
  2. Take the one M4x0.7 screw from the package.
  3. Attach the one-hole lug to the chassis using the supplied 10-32 screw with the captive internal tooth lock washer. Torque the screw to 20 in-lbs.
  4. Attach the other end of the ground cable to a suitable ground point. The rack installation ears are not a suitable grounding point.

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