Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

BIOS Configuration

Table 1. BIOS Configuration. The following table describes the fields displayed in the BIOS configuration section.
Field Description
System Name Displays the unique name of the system that identifies it on the network.
System Type Displays the model name of the system. For example, PowerEdge R710.
Service Tag Displays the unique identifier assigned to the system.
Virtualization Technology Displays whether the additional hardware capabilities provided by Virtualization Technology are enabled or disabled.
System Profile Displays the selected system profile: Performance Per Watt (DAPC), Performance Per Watt (OS), Performance, Dense Configuration, or Custom.
User Accessible USB Ports Displays the status of the User Accessible USB Ports option.
Cores per Processor Displays the number of cores enabled in each processor.
Node Interleaving Displays whether the Node Interleaving option is enabled or disabled.
Logical Processor Displays whether the logical processor option is enabled or disabled.
Integrated RAID Controller Displays whether the integrated RAID controller is enabled or disabled.
SR-IOV Global Enable Displays whether the configuration of Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) devices is enabled or disabled.
Execute Disable Displays whether the execute disable memory protection technology is enabled or disabled.

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