Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide


Question: How do I install OpenManage Essentials using a remote SQL database named instance?

Answer: To connect remotely, the SQL Server with named instances requires a running SQL Server Browser service.

Question: Will OpenManage Essentials support Microsoft SQL Server Evaluation edition?

Answer: No, SQL Server Evaluation edition is not supported.

Question: What are the minimum login roles for SQL Server?

Answer: See Minimum Login Roles for Microsoft SQL Server and Terms and Conditions for Using Relational Database Management Systems .

Question: When launching the OpenManage Essentials installer, an error message is displayed, stating a failure to load a specific library (for example, failed to load OMIL32.DLL), a denial of access, or an initialization error. What do I do?

Answer: This issue is most likely due to insufficient Component Object Model (COM) permissions on the system. To remedy this situation, see The OpenManage Essentials installer may also fail if a previous installation of systems management software or some other software product was unsuccessful. Delete the following temporary windows installer registry, if present: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\InProgress.

Question: During the installation of Microsoft ASP .NET prerequisite, I am getting the following error message: One of the prerequisites has failed to install. The one click prerequisite installer will now exit. What do I do?

Answer: To resolve this issue, perform one of the following:

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