Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

OEM Device Support

OEM devices (re-branded or de-branded servers and Compellent S8000 iDRAC), when discovered, are classified under OEM Devices in the device tree. Most of the  functionality available to servers, such as tasks, reports, and filters are also applicable to OEM servers. However, system update may not be possible if it is not supported by the OEM device module. For more information on the supported protocols and features, see information on servers/devices in Supported Devices Protocols and Features Matrix .

OEM servers are always classified under the OEM Devices group in the device tree. They are not displayed under the Servers or RAC group. If both the server and RAC of the OEM device are discovered, they are correlated and displayed as one device under the OEM Devices group. Other OEM devices except servers and RAC are classified under the different server groups such as Microsoft Virtualization Servers, VMware ESX servers, and so on, based on the classification criteria they satisfy.
  • NOTE: OEM servers discovered using WMI protocol are classified under the Servers device group only when OMSA is installed. OEM servers without OMSA are classified under the Unknown device group.

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