Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Editing a discovery range

Description: The Set-ModifyDiscoveryRange command allows to edit existing discovery ranges. This command targets the existing specified discovery range(s) and replaces the protocol information with the information specified in the DiscoveryProfile.xml file. For more information about the DiscoveryProfile.xml and RangeList.xml files, see Creating a Discovery Profile Input File and Specifying IPs, Ranges, or Host names Using XML or CSV Files .

  • PS> Set-ModifyDiscoveryRange  –Profile <DiscoveryProfile.xml> -Range <range> 
  • PS> Set-ModifyDiscoveryRange  –Profile <DiscoveryProfile.xml> -RangeList <RangeList.xml>
  • PS>Set-ModifyDiscoveryRange  –Profile .\Samples\DiscoveryProfile.xml -Range
  • PS> Set-ModifyDiscoveryRange  –Profile .\Samples\DiscoveryProfile.xml -RangeList .\Samples\RangeList.xml

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