Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


Command syntax overview

Commands vary in complexity. The simplest command has only command level 1. The omhelp command is a simple command. When you type omhelp, a list of the main CLI commands is displayed.

The next level of complexity includes commands that contain command levels 1 and 2. All of the about commands are examples of command level 2 complexity. The omconfig about and omreport about commands display a very brief summary. The summary shows version information for the systems management software installed on the system; for example, Server Administrator 1. x.

Some commands have command level 1 and command level 2 and one name=value pair. Consider the following example command that instructs Server Administrator for more details about the environment for Server Administrator:
omreport about details=true

In this example, command level 1 is omreport, command level 2 is about, and the name= value pair is details=true.

Many commands use command level 1, command level 2, and command level 3, but do not require any parameters (name=value pairs). Most omreport commands are of this type. For example, the following command displays a list of alert actions that are configured for components on a system.
omreport system alertaction
The most complex commands have all three command levels and can have multiple name=value pairs. The following is an example of two name=value pairs:
omconfig system assetinfo info=depreciation duration=3
The following is an example of nine name=value pairs:
omconfig system assetinfo info=acquisition purchasecost=<
                                 n> waybill=<
                                 n> installdate=<
                                 mmddyy> purchasedate=<
                                 mmddyy> ponum=<
                                 n> signauth=<
                                 text> expensed=<
                                 no> costcenter=<

In each chapter of this document, command syntax and other information about the commands are formatted using any of the following fields as appropriate:

Table 1. Command syntax. This table lists the Command syntax
command level 1 command level 2 command level 3 name=value pair 1 name=value pair 2

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