Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


Components and events having view alert actions

View alert action properties for the following components and events, if the components or events are present on the system:
  • Battery Warning
  • Battery Failure
  • Chassis Intrusion
  • Current Probe Warning
  • Current Probe Failure
  • Fan Warning
  • Fan Failure
  • Memory Pre-failure
  • Memory Failure
  • System Power Probe Warning
  • System Power Probe Detects a Failure
  • System Peak Power
  • Power Supply Warning
  • Power Supply Failure
  • Degraded Redundancy
  • Lost Redundancy
  • Temperature Warning
  • Temperature Failure
  • Voltage Warning
  • Voltage Failure
  • Processor Warning
  • Processor Failure
  • Hardware Log Warning
  • Hardware Log Full
  • Watchdog Asr
  • Storage System Warning
  • Storage System Failure
  • Storage Controller Warning
  • Storage Controller Failure
  • Physical Disk Warning
  • Physical Disk Failure
  • Virtual Disk Warning
  • Virtual Disk Failure
  • Enclosure Warning
  • Enclosure Failure
  • Storage Controller Battery Warning
  • Storage Controller Battery Failure
  • Removable Flash Media Present
  • Removable Flash Media Removed
  • Removable Flash Media Failure
  • NOTE: Storage Controller Battery Warning and Storage Controller Battery Failure events are not available on blade systems.
  • NOTE: System Power Probe Warning is not applicable to blade systems.

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