Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


Hardware Information Using Omreport System Summary Or Omreport Servermodule Summary

The system summary hardware information includes data values for installed components of the following types present in the system:

System Attributes
  • Host Name
  • System Location
  • Life Cycle Controller

Main System Chassis Or Main System

  • Chassis Model
  • Chassis Service Tag
  • Express Service Code
  • Chassis Lock
  • Chassis Asset Tag
Remote Access Information
  • Remote Access Device
  • vFlash Media
  • vFlash Media Size
The following are listed for each processor in the system:
  • Processor Brand
  • Processor Family
  • Processor Version
  • Current Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • External Clock Speed
  • Voltage
  • Total Installed Capacity
  • Memory Available to the Operating System
  • Total Maximum Capacity
  • Memory Array Count
Memory Array
The following details are listed for each memory board or module in the system (for example, the system board or the memory module in a given slot number):
  • Location
  • Use
  • Installed Capacity
  • Maximum Capacity
  • Slots Available
  • Slots Used
  • ECC Type
  • Manufacturer
  • BIOS Version
  • Release Date
  • Name
  • Version

Network Data

The following details are listed for each NIC and Team interface, if Team interface is configured in the system:
  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway
  • MAC Address

Storage Enclosures

The following details are listed for each storage enclosure attached to the system:
  • Name
  • Service Tag

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